We The People

We The People built a powerful Coalition of Independents to win back The White House for the American people and Barack Obama in 2008

This Coalition of Independents has a focus on what unites us - our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of these United States of America.

We the People are inviting all non-voters and independent-minded voters, all third parties, all former independent presidential candidates, and all national citizen movements to join together in building a powerful Coalition of Independents.

This Coalition of Independents provides the American people with a new pro-democracy consensus, a positive vision for the future, and a winning, independent coalition.

We need to re-engage the non-voters in our democracy by giving them a positive reason to vote!

If we can create a Coalition that appeals to all the people, not just corporations, not just big money nor vested interests but all the people, then we the people could take back our democracy and our government! Until the voters wake up, insist on, and support independent candidates - by voting for them - our government will continue to be controlled by corporate interests! The Coalition supports The Direct Democracy Initiative and Instant Run-Off Voting (IRV), where every voter's vote and every voter's preference would count. The Coalition also continues the push for genuine Campaign Finance Reform, including public financing for all elections and free TV access one month before each election for all serious candidate who campaign in a majority of their states or districts.

These are the three primary goals of the Coalition: Direct Democracy, Instant Run-off Voting and genuine Campaign Finance Reform. As Doris Haddock/ Granny D recently wrote us: "I wish I could say my efforts were as rewarding as We The People's October 2nd Boston TV Party! Doris Haddock/ Granny D is our modern day Gandhi - she has walked her walk, now we must all believe in our talk - we must work steadfastly toward the passage of Clean Money and Clean Elections Legislation- we must not let the continued big money, special interests, and legalized bribery continue to corrupt our system - it will be a long road, we must not give up, we must work together - not allow infighting to fray our cause - the issue is too big, it is too important for small egos to try to control and get all the credit - when we succeed and we will, there will be enough credit and genuine accolades to be spread around to everyone and every organization!

Let's go for it - this is our country and we want it back!!!

A message from: We The People
and Co-Founders: Jeffrey & Catherine Peters

National Initiative for Democracy: www.nationalinitiative.us or www.ni4d.us
Granny D (Doris Hadock): www.grannyd.com
Instant Run-off Voting information can be found at: www.fairvote.org or www.instantrunoff.com

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